POC is a demonstration, its scope is to verify different concepts or theories with high applicability. POC is therefore a prototype which aims to determin the fesability but doesn’t have delivrable.

Generally, POC validates two things: “People need that producs” and “I have the capacity to build that product”

MVP is a development technique in which a new product is developed with enough functionalities / features to satisfy early adopters. The final product with the complete set of functionalities is drawn after a first feedback from the users.

MVP validates that “people need the product AND that they are willing to buy it”. The clients don’t see POC because it is built in-house. They can only have access to MVP and thats the product they should be willing to pay for. With an MVP product you can start production whereas in POC phase production is not an option.

Your product has to be at MVP or POC level in order to join our program.