After the first selection, when we get to know each other more we offer to each startup from the program a team made out of: 1 Lead mentor and acceleration team with whom we create an informal group (for those 2 months of acceleration). We complete this group with different experts based on each startup needs.

Additionally, you will meet GapMinder partners that will follow closely your company evolution throughout the program and after it. Based on your evolution / progress in those approx. 10 weeks, you can be positively surprised at the end  of the program (or even earlier) to have access to additional 50k euro.

The mentors have the role to question and explore all the areas you might have missed or to place your idea / product in a different perspective. They will share with you your professional experience from the market they are mostly active on and where they have real examples. No theory just practicality.

We assigned those mentors to challenge your idea and make you see from a wider perspective. From all those mentoring sessions you select whatever you believe it’s suitable for your company. We highly recommend that you make sure you perfectly understand the advices and don’t take it as general truths. It is your company and your decision is what matters