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XVision, which uses AI algorithms to analyze pulmonary Xrays, could speed up the diagnostic processes as it successfully assists radiologists. Among the pathologies identified by xVision are those directly related to pneumonia, a pathology that is also caused by coronavirus


Medicai is a collaborative online medical portal that enables patient-doctor communication, imaging investigations, online storage, and sharing.


MediJobs, the biggest online medical recruiting platform in Romania, launched a hotline to enroll specialized personnel faster in terms of online medical support. 

life is hard

 LIFE IS HARD | Work Soft from Cluj-Napoca, specialized in software solution development, offers free CityHealth application to local administrations throughout the country, which allows remote communication and networking to solve problems that Romanian citizens may have during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application can help citizens be connected online with the local government and transmit the problems they encounter without the need to move or call.


Telios offers medical online counseling. ALINI, a chat for medical pieces of advice for patients joined the cause, too.


T-Sanatate este prima platforma operaționala dedicata Serviciilor Integrate de Ingrijire la Domiciliu cu suport de teleasistentă, teleurgentă și telemedicină care va asigura informarea, educarea și accesul unui segment important al populației la sisteme puternice și stabile de securitate socială.

pocket dr

We offer telemedicine services so we can help by keeping people home while they can take care of their health times.


Medic Chat is an app that allows anyone to easily get health advice from a network of verified doctors covering a wide range of medical specialties. Everything happens through the app, so you can get the advice you need from the comfort of your own home.


We have a thermal imaging kiosk that can measure temperature and triage patients without physical contact. Through MedicPad we also have 3 core applications for process optimization and efficiency. We are also in the Healthinc Accelerator in Amsterdam 2020


Recomedica is a medical triage and prevention service through family doctors, that assist patients in informing about the medical situations. In the shortest time (avg.20 minutes), patients are guided to the correct medical service.


Monitorizare clinica in carantina de la distanta.
Medicul si asistentul pneumolog din proiect alerteaza sectia de primire cand citirile indica o situatie de interventie.


Feeel helps you with:

Database with doctors and medical suppliers +
– smart search +
– chat with epidemiologists



Ialoc, a reservation management solution, launched the Gift Card to support small ventures and SMEs such as restaurants & cafes, by encouraging regular customers to buy vouchers and use them after these places will be open again. Thus, they ensure a certain continuity for small businesses that do not produce digital goods and which depend on the client’s presence in the location.


Frisbo, a smart e-fulfillment platform in collaboration with its e-commerce partners, launches a project to digitize the most affected areas of the Romanian economy, starting with physical stores, which will have to adapt quickly when selling online to ensure their survival with the reduction or cancellation of offline sales. 

 VoxiKids connects speech therapists and children through an application that offers special exercises to improve listening and pronunciation. 


Femyo is s telemedicine platform for families. This means that you can talk to a doctor and get a prescription or any medical document you might need from the safety of your home.


We developed a theoretical model for portable detection system that can detect a large number of antigens or even analyses like qPCR that can detect COVID19. With a low cost and high accessibility our system can decrease the pressure on hospitals with help of family doctors.


We offer leading edge solutions for agriculture telemetry, remote risk assessment and real-time monitoring which help support production while keeping experts out of harm’s way by providing them with instruments meant to help them guide their clients without direct contact.

EmailTree AI comes as an end-to-end AI-driven solution to empower customer services & support teams with more productivity tools, while increasing customer satisfaction.
NLP/NLU, ML and RPA techniques are used in order to reply faster to emails (and other text request).

Coronavirus compels companies to use remote working in order to ensure the continuity of their businesses during these complexe times.


We are helping companies, universities and schools deliver remote live presentations. Before Corona virus, people preferred in-person presentations (slides + projector). Now, people switched to slides + interactions + remote joining. Our technology was build for live presentations. It is currently being used by ~2000 companies / universities in 200 countries.


We are offering IT consulting services in the field of personal/corporate data security and applications, specific trainings for employees obliged to work from home in order to ensure an optimal level of cyber security.


Thinkout for Cash flow analysis and forecasting for SMEs, offered for free in the difficult times to come.

plant an app

Plant an App is a low-code development platform that allows implementing systems that can help manage, monitor or inform about the Coronavirus situation within hours or day.


Insurevite – Proactively disseminating official information via messaging apps and enabling automated responses to FAQs to fight against misinformation or fake news so that the population can stay adequately informed and prevent panic.

prisma platform

Given the situation nowadays, a lot of the companies were forced into home office, which makes communication and guidance hard for the firms and their employees. Prisma Platform offers the adequate solution, the possibility to plan your workflow, communicate with each other, share files and have a database of your clients and partners in one place. Regardless of the difficulties, this platform offers for every company or team a way to get a transparent management and a better inside firm communication. This way business entities can operate without interruptions.


Cleany is developing a tool for offline cleaning companies that can focus in the current situation on disinfection and hygiene sessions of any kind, from houses to institutions. We aim to bring online as many cleaning companies as possible to eliminate the friction between supply and demand. We are also building an interface to bring distributors of cleaning products and disinfectants online so that cleaning companies can order more easily.


We provide free IT & medical consulting services for people in need.
Legatoom AI is a network of high qualified experts that provides services for communities and people on the move


We are an online coaching platform and can offer emotional support through online one-to-one coaching sessions. Our platform is targeted at new managers and business leaders who these days are facing increased levels of uncertainty and anxiety.


We are a Telediagnostic Hub based in Cluj Napoca, with a medical team consisting of 10 radiologists. We can help out medical institutions with an increasing workflow in the Medical Imaging branch, by using teleradiology as a means of interpretation for Ct-scans, MRI exams and X-rays.


e-primariaTa is an online portal dedicated to mayors through which all public institution officials can work from home and also has the possibility to offer an easy to use communication portal with citizens, where they can upload documents online, report problems or pay fines / taxes.

base twelve

It offers a set of tools that is available at any time, in any place (being a cloud based solution), supporting collaborative project management, document management, chat groups and video calls, time keeping, expense records, professional network, marketplace, role-based access, security logs and more.


SweetLime offers entrepreneurs and companies solutions for digitizing businesses and supporting their development in the digital environment. We create presentation sites and online stores, advertising campaigns, strategies and social media management.

In the current situation, many companies are forced to pause their activity or, through technological solutions, to move their activity to the online environment. We help them apply the second option.


We propose an application able to create an easy to use system that allows any entity, regardless of size, to bring their human processes in the digital age with simplicity and security in mind. To solve the problems currently affecting the industry we are proposing to build a simple yet robust platform that would allow any non-developer convert his company’s internal physical processes into digital workflows with artificial intelligence components.


Jobful helps companies connect with the right people for the right jobs in a gamified and human focused designed platform. We are offering Jobful for free in the next 30 days for all employers – so that SMEs and corporations can find candidates using elastic search and even pre-assess them from home through challenges. Recruitment shouldn’t be something to be worried about these days and we are here to facilitate the perfect match of skills and values.


FieldVibe improves field staff scheduling and dispatching, offering real-time status, live location and updates from the field such as notes and photos.


We don’t fight directly against COVID-19, but we fight against its effects on the business. We help companies and startups survive though sales.

Confidas_color (1)

Confidas acts like a credit bureau specially designed for small businesses. We collect unique data on the market that allow us to determine the payment behavior and assess the commercial risk and we can provide our users alerts when a company faces bankrupcy or any other negative situation.
Moreover, we created a sales module that helps B2B companies find clients easier.nutrients deficiencies assessment.


Helping companies affected by the crisis to become more digital by implementing / developing:

– websites / web apps / mobile apps
– automation tools
– management tools
– communication tools
– crm


Challenging times come with challenging emotions. If you are one of the many of us who are dealing with some form of emotional distress, be it as mild as fugitive worries or as heavy as feelings of fear or anxiety, we’ve built a free-for-all online program –ACERTIVO –  for emotional support during the COVID-19 crisis. Everything is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, recognised by the WHO as the best practice in dealing with anxiety.


SWAZM announced its entry into the cloud management space by introducing the industry’s first cross-cloud management platform and the beginning of private beta on March 15th. The platform is structured in a way to avoid the vendor lock-in problem and experience hassle-free deployments, security and scalability.

default-job-thumb is an innovative recruitment platform, facilitating this process through video CV and video description, geolocation and the multitude of filters that each user has at their disposal.
The platform is structured on certain categories (niches) to help all people find a job, especially those who belong to vulnerable groups or have difficulties in finding a job. Thus, these niches that the platform focuses in general are: 1st JOBBERS, RELOCATION, PARENTS, DISABLE, CRIMINAL RECORD, PLUS 45.
Due to the actual situation (Covid-19) we will change the structure of niches, the way of communication and the design of the platform. At the moment we set certain niches and chose to change our focus. The new niches are: WORK FROM HOME, TEMPORARY, TRUCK DRIVERS and HOME DELIVERY..