Alumni often say…

Adi Chirilov

” The program is cool. I mean it. I’ve learned allot.  It was really nice working with mentors, Sandu Babasan especially. His experience & influence helped a ton because we’ve got a strategic partnership based on his recommendation. “

Mircea Popa

“I think the program was good as a whole in the way that it helped me receive feedback and improve the direction we’re going in. The advantage is that it brings people together and allows interactions.”

ridesafe startup
Marius Mitroi

“Trying to succeed in a young and undeveloped entrepreneurial ecosystem its a challenge itself, being a IoT/hardware startup is even tougher but joining Techcelerator was a game changer and an energy boost. In addition to pre-seed funding, Techcelerator brought us knowledge, insight and business opportunities made available by the program staff and mentors. We have gained a lot of useful knowledge and a fresh new perspective to our business development  with a highly motivating push from the accelerator staff and mentors. The crew behind the Techcelerator has a positive, intelligent approach that motivated us to move forward. Participation Techcelerator has been a fantastic experience!  “

Charis Stengos

As a Greek I wanted to be established in the romanian ecosystem and I applied for two accelerators, I got accepted by both of them but I choose Techcelerator having as a framework: the people; the mentors; the program itself and last but not least the POTENTIAL in terms of learning and networking. The key learning is very interesting because when I saw tech accelerator I thought in the beginning that it will be tech oriented and my business actually is based on Blackchain & AI but what I really admired a lot was the business proposal so I focused more on the business side rather than technology. 

I think this is the best program in Romania and actually Techcelarator is not accelerate your business but change you so you can accelerate the business “

Oana Stefan

“Join  [Techcelerator] with an open mind. Be ready to reevaluate and reconsider all your previous assumptions. Accept all the good and the bad and all the constructive criticisms because they are highly valuable and most importantly, value all the opportunities that come at you: mentoring, partnership, networking. The networking will last for a long time even after the program. In every project, every startup you will need these high level professionals for funding for getting feedback for hiring. This kind of program is like you network, safety net for the future. “

Stefan Iarca

I definitely recommend Techcelerator because the network and the money they put in are really valuable and they actually offer much more then you think at first. One of the most important things that we’ve learn is that it is really important to not give up, things are going to change, plans are going to be ruined. That’s why it is very important to stay strong and just be focused and don’t give up. Best Romanian Accelerator “

Ovidiu Cical

“Techcelerator is the best way to enter in the awesome world of Entrepreneurship! You get guidance, mentors, bootcamps, connections and, of course, money. But the best thing is that you get to trust You, your Business and the fact you are going to go places. I will not fail in my journey, this is what I said when I started Cyscale, but if I do, it will happen with style after this program :D. There’s no better mix of business accelerator and investment found in Romania than Techcelerator and GapMinder. ”

Ionel Naftanaila
CEO, co-founder

We loved being part of Techcelerator’s #3 Batch. Very good content, top-notch Boot Camps, and outstanding networking! We’ve had great fun while learning a lot with a great team of professionals and truly experienced and committed mentors. All in all, an experience I’d recommend to anyone looking to lift a business off the ground!