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Axosuits is a med-tech company that is building high-powered exoskeletons for the medical industry targeting paraplegic patients and seniors.

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“During this US visit, I realized what the mentality difference is and how to adapt our message. (…) I recommend this experience to any company, a feedback session in US is crucial for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed. Romanian entrepreneurs are too entangled with their own products and services and do not think strategically or at global level”.

Andras Kapy, CEO Axosuits, RICAP#2 participant

Bluemind Software

GOCREATE is the ERP system dedicated to 3D printing. It helps 3D printing service providers increase their income by using the resources they already have efficiently. It was built together with end-users and it features the easiest order scheduling system, material stock tracking, Big data reports and has automations to easily improve the relationship with their clients.

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„The personal mentors in RICAP proved to be an invaluable help in developing our business. We benefited a lot from advice and strategies regarding communication (I am a technical guy but I can speak like a salesman now) and we got also important help and even made documents together for the industrial trials, the marketing strategy, human resources and much more. I am very thankful to Alan and Sorin, the RICAP team and all the partners that made RICAP possible! We are now applying what we have learned to all of Bluemind Software’s processes, to improve them. We would not be here without you!”

Bogdan Deaky, CEO of Bluemind Software, RICAP#3


Catwalk15 is a mobile app that helps users get instant fashion advice & style inspiration anytime, anywhere. Users take a photo using the smart phone. Their friends and other members of the community help them by providing fashion feedback and suggestions. They get instant results. The startup target millennials, the largest generation with 2.5B people.
By the end of the RICAP cycle (3), Catwalk15 announced its acquisition by a Greppy System, while the startups founder will join the new team and go on developing the app and other products together.

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“An early state startup is a rollercoaster in itself. When everything else is trying to distract you, the RICAP program helps you focus and stay on track. Working with the mentors was literally like being able to plug in extra brainpower and figure out real solutions to the challenges we were facing. All in all, it was an excellent time investment: we started the program with a product, now we feel we are closer and closer to an actual business.”

Mark Filipaș, Founder Catwalk15, RICAP#3 participant


The most user-recommended render farm for Blender and V-Ray. Now with support for Modo!

Our next generation render farm offers easy to use, affordable and fast rendering services for Blender and Modo. We can deliver your animation in hours instead of days and render images of any size.

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“Taking RenderStreet through the RICAP program was an interesting experience. Growing a startup is a challenging path, and having an outside view over it during this time can be a great help. I believe the mentoring formula offered by RICAP has a lot of advantages for young companies, and I’m glad we were selected to be part of the program.”

Marius Iatan, CEO, RenderStreet

Soft Dreams

Specialized on integrated solutions around high performance high traffic websites.
We developed a specialized admin panel for high traffic sites, applied to web cluster technology management, called ClusterCS. Web clusters are very versatile hosting solutions that offer benefits over and above faster load times. Clusters are far more resilient to failure than a single web server and can also be leveraged for cloud storage.

ClusterCS is a user friendly interface that simplifies the processes associated with the webhosting system configuration, considerably reducing the required admin knowledge and workload.

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“I would describe the RICAP experience as an amazing journey that opened our eyes in many ways. We’ve been given the opportunity to work with wonderful people whom I can now say will be an inspiration for us for a very long time. We liked our business a lot and now we’ve been given a push in a very good direction which will make us a lot better. It’s always on us to walk our path but the RICAP mindset change is now part of our thinking. Many thanks to Grant Norwood and Alexandru Lapusan for sharing their experience and helping us achieve a new level and many thanks to the entire RICAP team for making all this possible.”

Ionut Dumitru, CEO – Soft Dreams


uRADMonitor developed by MagnaSCI is a global environmental monitoring network, consisting of 4 hardware products optimized for low power usage, equipped with Internet connectivity and advanced sensors. These are capable of measuring various chemical and physical air pollutants and share all data to the central server on www.uradmonitor.com. The frontend (web and mobile apps) show data from anywhere on Earth.


Few outcomes which speak for themselves: Presence in 43 countries, Sales of 60k euro, crowdfunding of 30K USD, Users: 2300, Customers: 500

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“For MagnaSCI, RICAP program opened new networking possibilities, connecting us to knowledgeable mentors and to the startup ecosystem. During RICAP, getting valuable feedback and advice was always possible. Having experienced people ready to assist you at any time is probably the best support any business can get on its path to success”.

Radu Motișan, Founder & CEO, MagnaSCI and uRADMonitor, RICAP#3 participant