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Not a problem at all.

We are happy to invest in your product along with other investors. The more people trust / invest in your product the greater the trustworthy / reliable your product is.

Category: Investments

Convertible notes are financial instruments used by seed investors in order to delay your company valuation for a next round or a milestone. Convertible notes means that the outstanding amount is automatically converted into equity (at the next valuation or next milestone(. To compensate  the angel investor for the additional risk of the initial round, convertible notes can have additional clauses as CAPS or DISCOUNTS.

Category: Investments
  1. Acceleration: 8-12 ideas per batch. Each startup get 50k euro for 7% equity and chance to raise 50k euro more in convertible notes.
  2. Seed investment – based on the evolution of each startup during Acceleration program
Category: Investments

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