Common Questions

During the Program

You surely can !

We can arrange a meeting with any of them but you have anyway the chance to meet them at one or two events, during your acceleration period.

You can find below the main categories of benefits we’ve arranged for you:

  • discounted package for PR tools (press release, communication strategy)
  • discounted package for Legal issues.
  • access to Google Cloud Services and Mentors.
  • digital accounting tool
  • other things you need, just ask

We’ve created the framework, the network and support elements to foster your success. The actual success and progress of your business during the program is very much up to you. The more time you dedicate, the more you ask,  the more curious you are the higher chances to fulfill your dream and fill the gaps.

Respect your mentors time and agenda, don’t miss meetings or reschedule them last minute. All these mentors are dedicating their time so that you get valuable feedback so it’s important to respect each other’s time and treat these sessions very serious.

Contact your mentor, ask Techcelerator team for anything that helps your business grow. We are all very friendly and happy to help you, really 🙂

Once you get accepted in the program we will do everything possible to promote your solution and your team, to introduce you to relevant people and make sure that as many people as possible hear about your cool solution.

In order to do that more effective we need you to keep us updated and tell us what is more valuable for you to promote. We are always available for a discussion in order to understand how to use all marketing / PR tricks to get your brand to our community.

The more you get involved in this process the greater the outcomes. It’s very much up to you and together we can make it work.

We can arrange for you access to present your product at different events / conferences. We will be doing that anyway but it’s good if you tell us what / where is important for you to be present.

Mentoring is maybe the most important aspect of the program. Throughout the program your choices and ideas will be challenged by experts and mentors in order to make you aware of all the obstacles that may occur.

You must be open about your weak points and fear and also ask as many questions as possible. Keep your vision but listen to the constructive feedback of people with a long professional experience. These feedbacks and discussions will have a great impact on your business development

Experts from different industries will work based on your needs to cover all the following  areas:

  • Customer development
  • Revenue streams
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product development (all stages)
  • Growth (incl. exploring partnering opportunities)
  • Vision and validation
  • Equity and funding

We suggest 10h / week x 10 weeks. We will have events important for your development: workshops, 1:1 weekly meetings. Plus we believe it’s important that you deep dive into what you discussed with your mentor and eventual perform some adjustment to your product.

In most of the cases (besides group events) you will be able to participate through virtual meetings so you don’t have to be physically present. We do encourage you to spend more time with us as your evolution in this program has a direct impact on your chances to get next rounds of investment.

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