Common Questions

Application Process

Not at all. During 10 weeks of program you will have 1 to 1 meetings with lead mentor and our team. In case you are not based in Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest and you want to stay in these cities during the program (instead of traveling constantly) we can help you find the right place for you and give you all the info and support you might need to relocate for this program. It is mandatory that we meet once every two weeks and that you participate on events related to the program.

No problem even though for a tech startup it can be challenging. We are very interested to see how you are planning to launch and scale it.

Yes, you can apply but based on our experience a mix of different skills in your team is vital to the success of a  business. Do apply and if your business is suitable for our program we can discuss all these details. It is important to have something more than just an idea.

Besides the initial investment there are few pillars that focuses on your growth. Team consolidation – the synergy between team member is vital to the success of your product/idea. Participating in this program you will be able to narrow your focus and get feedback from people with long experience in areas core to your business. Together we identify and work on your weak areas of your business. We have many experts that can bring a fresh and game-changing insight to your business.

There is no participation fee. If you are not from Bucharest (or Cluj) you need to support your living costs during the program but we will make sure you have all necessary support from our side. 

Yes, registering your company (SRL) is necessary only if you are accepted and therefore be granted funding from our side.  Don’t worry , we can support you with that but it’s important that you are a citizen of the European Union. 

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