TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019

At the invitation of our friends from How to Web, we`ve joined this year Tech Crunch Disrupt Berlin as a supporting organization for the Romanian pavilion next to Activize & Cluj Startups, Rubik Hub and Impact Hub. Moreover, 17 promising start-ups show off their products on the second day of the event. Among them, we mention Techcelerator alumni, Use-Beez, Cyscale, and Xvision, all from Batch #2


In the following rows, Cristina Toncu, co-founder and Program Director @ Techcelrator shared her thoughts about our participation at this event. 

Which were your main objectives for TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019?

The main purpose was to see the participants from Start-up Battlefield and to have some deep insights about their products, target market, and future development plans. Also, I was interested in the event per se. I had a close look at the way it was organized, guests, speakers speeches & networking areas. Moreover, it was a very good opportunity for us to met and exchange insights with other acceleration programs from the region. 

Was TechCrunch a relevant experience for you?

The fact that we organized a Romanian Pavilion within the conference was the biggest gain for us and for the Romanian start-up ecosystem. It gave us the opportunity to be more visible in the European context and to show off some of the most promising start-ups. 

A functional ecosystem is based on collaboration among all stakeholders. Being together these days at Berlin made us enhance the connection that we are already having with other Romanian organizations. At the end of the conference we realized that what brought us together was more than just a professional connection, but the respect and appreciation that we have one for each other.

However, these experiences are very helpful from many perspectives. First of all, they are bringing a lot of new business opportunities, even if we are talking about new partners, investors or just new connections. Moreover, these contexts are facilitating high-quality networking, and of course, the exchange of useful information and resources among their participants. 

Which were the most useful insights that you`ve got?

We had some meetings with other acceleration programs and organizations that are scouting for start-ups or which are offering services for their development. We are on a good path, there are many collaboration possibilities and investment opportunities for our start-ups. We remained in touch with some organizations, 2020 seems to be a great year for Romanian start-ups. 

Do you recommend this kind of experience to other start-ups too?

Start-ups that want to scale up internationally need a lot of visibility and exposure in a short period of time. These events, and especially those types of contexts like an organized pavilion, might help them a lot.

First of all, I would recommend a good selection of the event. It could be a conference for all verticals and types of start-ups, or it could be a more niche one, like a conference only for start-ups from your industry. Then a good organization is required, you should set some objectives in order to have a good return of investment for these days and of course, to carefully schedule your time. Usually, these conferences are full-day-events and if you want to get the most of them, you should select only the slots that are relevant for you.  For the rest of your time, try to talk with as many relevant people as you can. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the event. 

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

I truly believe that we should mobilize for these international events more often. There are some benefits that I’ve identified such as international visibility, the opportunity to show off local promising start-ups, the chance to promote our results and access to coss-borders partnerships for common projects or investment.

If you want to read more about our experience at Tech Crunch, you can have a look at How to Web blog, they just shared a comprehensive article about this topic.