Product Design: Production brief 

Product design is the service that welds together the functional traits of an object with pleasing aesthetics. The designer is not a separate entity, but part of your product development mechanism.


1. Concept – a general idea of what your product is and what it should do;
2. Engineering – technical solutions for your product’s function/s;
3. Design – creation of a consumer friendly housing for the required function/s;
4. Identity – give your product a name, color/s that turn it into a distinguishable brand;
5. Marketing and Sales – place your product in an adequate coat (packaging) and introduce it to the world.

These are the 5 main steps your product needs to go through, from birth to launch, and the design team is there to help along the way.


The concept is the process where everyone should be involved. The designer is introduced to the engineering team and together decide on what needs to be done and how. Sketches of several concepts are being presented as an idea of what the product should be.

The engineering team starts working on the technical solutions with direct supervision from the designer. Everything needs to be compact, ergonomic and as easy to use as possible. When the engineering part is starting to stabilize, the actual design process that leads to the final product, begins. The designer makes sure that the functionality of the product matches the exterior and the overall look.

During the final design adjustments, a brand identity process should commence, in order to aid in the final steps. The product should have a name, a logo and additional graphics, in order to make it recognizable and as appealing as possible.

Have your final work photographed or rendered, and come up with images that show both the functionality and the beauty of your product, in order to give it the ultimate commercial look. Have it packaged and continue with the final marketing & sales step that should last as long as there is a profitable market for your product.

Creating your own product gives you the fulfillment of having contributed to society’s evolution, and increases by the number of people that use and are satisfied by your product. This is a brief description of the product development process that might give you a clear idea about how to get organized and get started on your journey.

Răzvan Hairum

Product Designer






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