7 reasons – Why NOW is the time to start your digital company

1. Windows of opportunity open seldomly

Startup founders know too well the negative effect of “path dependencies”, the habit of corporates to keep following old trotted paths. Now the willingness to change is higher than ever.

2. Expect another wave of digitalization

From e-commerce to enterprise software, smart work and automation – the demand and need for digital solutions in business and every-day life is dramatically increasing and set to remain high.

3. Starting a company is as easy as ever

Setting up a digital applications, accessing international talents like programmers or marketeers, getting in touch with investors, has never been easier and more affordable – and you can do most of it from home.

4. You can make it from anywhere

Location barriers are lower than ever now. Founders in often overlooked locations are on equal footing with startups in Silicon Valley and Berlin now as networking and pitching moves online

5. History proves you are right

Airbnb was founded during the Financial Crisis and Ebay while the Dotcom bubble went bust. Time of crisis can give birth to great companies.

6. Entrepreneurs help to shape the future

Entrepreneurs are by definition optimism-driven leaders. Europe needs you to go forward and help to shape the future. Expect unexpected support when going forward, by those you will inspire.

7. We have the right program for you

The EIT Digital Venture Program takes ambitious founders from 20 countries in CEE, Baltics and Southern Europe from idea to first investor in less than 12 months. Apply now and get up to 25,000 € and international mentoring program: http://www.eitdigital.eu/venture-program