USE beez

Beez is a reward program for our partners and for our users and it provides extra income, thru cashback, automated savings by rounding up credit card payments, automated expense tracking and budgeting and tow-click micro-investing and pear to pear landing possibilities.

BEEZ is a standalone product, which integrates with various API, and our partner-side scripts in order to track expenses made by our community of user in our partner stores. We plan to become a payment gateway for credit card transaction in order to provide, for our users, multiple automated options to put aside money by rounding up any transaction they have, and also automate the expenses tracking 

We believe we can

  • Help more people achieve financial independence through our tools
  • Develop in our tribe new and healthy financial habits as a result of interaction with the idea of saving, investing and setting long term financial goals
  • Change the way most people handle their personal finances, and provide better tools for them to achieve financial independence through behavioural economics technics.