AMSIMCEL develops a high performance computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the acceleration of Integrated Circuits (IC) Physical Verification. The product targets the manufacturers of integrated circuits (B2B), offering high speed and precise verification that will significantly time-to-revenue of an electronic product.

AMSIMCEL solution relies on cloud-based, scalable algorithms that leverage the massively parallel computing capabilities of modern hardware and has the potential of becoming the fastest Physical Verification tool on the market.


  • Highly scalable (up to100s of GPUs in hybrid data centres)
  • Cloud scalability


  • 5 to 20 times faster compared to top existing solutions for DRC and P&R

Modern Tooling

  • Modern tooling technology (Python, SaaS, CUDA, MPI)
  • Easy customization through Python API

Lower cost

  • 30% lower total cost of ownership (licenses, cheaper compute power-GPU vs CPU, data center & cloud cost)