SecurifAI offers a broad range of software systems for video processing and analysis using state-of-the-art AI algorithms that are based on our own research conducted by a team of top class researchers. SecurifAI’s video analysis systems are designed to help the security personnel in charge of video surveillance for public or private institutions or locations, by preventing or detecting situations that represent potential threats to the persons from the surveilled area. Our systems can provide alerts in real-time when abnormal events (people fighting, people/cars entering restricted areas, car accidents, fires or explosions, etc) or abandoned luggage items (that might contain explosives or biological weapons) are detected. In the same time, our systems can provide useful information about the identity and the emotional state of people and the license plate number of vehicles that are detected in the analyzed video streams.

Real-time video analysis with AI, covering almost any client specific context, with minimum training needs from implementation team and no restriction regarding third party IP/licensing regarding AI algorithms