LiveCare is a hardware and software solution for detecting, in real-time, heart arrhythmia. LiveCare is wireless, small, water resistent and easy to wear being designed for dailylife use. The hardware component has two components: an innovative, non-disposable sensor developed by our team and an adhesive, disposable patch which contains the electrodes. It measures 1-lead ECG signal and other vital signs which are used to detect arrhythmia. The AI dedicated chip analyses the ECG signal on-board, in real-time using embedded AI algorithms. If an abnormal event is detected, the signal is sent via Bluetooth Low Energy to the patient’s smartphone. On the smartphone the signal is deeper analyzed using more developed AI algorithms and arrythmia is classified. Then, the data is aggregated in cloud, where is used for the improvement of the AI algorithms. Out of these data, periodically reports are generated with the health state of the patients.


Continuous, real-time monitoring, embedded Artificial Intelligence algorithms for arrhythmia detection and access to specialists for people living in remote areas.

Continuous real time heart monitoring

Elena Ovreiu – CEO & Cofounder

  • Founder of SSIMA an international medical Tech event
  • PhD in Medical Devices – France
  • Master thesis at Nanyang University Singapore

Ion Mocanu – CTO & Cofounder

  • Software & hardware engineer – experience in designing wearable medical devices
  • 5 years of experience as entrepreneur
  • PhD candidate in Medical Devices

Florin Olariu – CSO

  • Software engineer with 15 years experience in embedded software (automotive, bluetooth, IoT). image processing, machine learning

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