FormulaDB is a database and low-code platform allowing business users to implement their own data-intensive applications without any programming skills. Development is done purely using existing knowledge of Spreadsheet Formulas.

Build your own business applications instantly using familiar spreadsheet formulas. No coding skills required.

  • Alex Cristu CEO
  • Sorin Cirstoiu COO
  • Valentin Raduti CTO
  • Laurentiu Soica CIO

Our team has a strong presales, team leading and full stack development experience, 10+ years for each co-founder. We have been working together for 5+ years and delivered, deployed and maintained multi-million $ projects.

We have a long history of finding ways to make software development more efficient and software products easily customizable by the end-user.

Only the co-founders work in our team currently but in order to support our business strategy we will need local presence in some EU countries and US/Canada/Australia, we will strive to build a network of many collaborators and partners for each geography. Alex and Sorin worked together for more than 10 years, with Laurentiu over 6 and with Vali over 5.