Investors’ Dinner – 2018, 20th September @ TechFest Bucharest


We continue our Investors’ Dinner series, with an exciting partnership! For our last event, we partnered up with TechFest – the most complex technology festival in Romania, in order to expand our platform and give even more visibility to our start-ups.

Who were the ones doing the pitching?

  • CyBourn – Managed Enterprise Security Services
  • DCDN – A Decentralized content delivery network
  • use-BEEZ – Automation for your saving process
  • Planable – SOM content platform

We make sure to find and promote start-ups that are putting their sweat into creating innovative technological products. At the same time, we make sure to work with start-ups from a variety of markets. We strive present a diverse group of teams hustling to improve their products, and become the next unicorn. We are certain they can bring value to our network of investors.

Why join our network of investors?

  • We select and put you in contact with founders with solid proposals that bring value to your portfolio
  • You have the opportunity to invest through micro-investment offers
  • You can connect to the other investors in our network for co-investment opportunities. We have a strong network in both Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest!

Should you like to take part in our next Investors’ Dinner, contact us at: