CGI Optimisation tool for the architecture and construction industry. WireFame is the first platform targeting the process optimization of the architectural visualization segment based on  impact-choice


WireFame is an online optimization platform for the Photorealistic Visualisation industry that bridges the gap between Architects – Property Developers and CG Artists. It helps architects showcase projects to property developers using a choice-impact model where 3d photorealistic imagery is embedded with important data.

Nicoleta Ivascu – co-founder: With a background in Marketing and  Business Analysis I am actively looking for solutions optimising the CGI industry  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicoleta-ivascu

Christiana Tudor -co-founder:  Experienced CG Specialist passionate about developing new tools for process improvement www.linkedin.com/in/christiana-tudor-50aa0b106

Alexandru Oprita – Concept architect developing productive architecture and passionate about innovative technologies https://linkedin.com/in/alexandru-oprita-96a77b3b