AppSeed is a full stack web app generator that allows you to choose a visual theme and apply it on a full, but flexible, technology stack in just a few minutes, greatly improving development time from visual design to application deployment.

Supported frameworks include VueJS, React, jQuery, Angular or Bootstrap in the frontend with node.js (JavaScript), Laravel (PHP) or Flask (Python) in the backend. AppSeed apps are ready for deployment on your favorite infrastructure via Docker, Kubernetes, AWS or Heroku. 

On short term: Automate the web application development for home users and developers.

Home Users & business owners:

  • They will fast receive a website for their business using any theme from any market.
  • AppSeed will offer also some themes already prepared for a fast delivery to the client


  • AppSeed can provide the same web application (same features) in Php / Python and (soon) Javascript. This feature help developers (especially the beginners) in 3 ways:
    • Deliver a stable and complete web application and let developers focus on product features.
    • Automate or fully assist the deployment
    • Speed up the learning which is valuable for a beginner
Adrian Chirilov –  Founder, TL & Architect – LinkedINCodementor Profile

  • Expertise: 10+ yrs in Corporate, mostly Telecom, dev, design large distributed applications
  • Languages: C++, Java, Python, Php
  • Lead: 4yrs  (teams 3 / 5 devs)
  • Architecture ~=  2yrs
  • Research: Automation, Design Pattern, Build source code automatically

Teo Deleanu – Founder, Developer – LinkedIN

  • Expertise: 10+ yrs in Corporate: Comodo, myDevices
  • Languages: C++, Java, Javascript. Node.js

Common Projects:

Teamlog – Work Analytics [3 years of dev together].