During the Program

Mentoring is maybe the most important aspect of the program. Throughout the program your choices and ideas will be challenged by experts and mentors in order to make you aware of all the obstacles that may occur.

You must be open about your weak points and fear and also ask as many questions as possible. Keep your vision but listen to the constructive feedback of people with a long professional experience. These feedbacks and discussions will have a great impact on your business development

Experts from different industries will work based on your needs to cover all the following  areas:

  • Customer development
  • Revenue streams
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product development (all stages)
  • Growth (incl. exploring partnering opportunities)
  • Vision and validation
  • Equity and funding

We suggest 10h / week x 10 weeks. We will have events important for your development: workshops, 1:1 weekly meetings. Plus we believe it’s important that you deep dive into what you discussed with you mentor and eventual perform some adjustment to your product.