2 days intensive sessions: get-to-know each other, meeting with program mentors, first validation of your business status and value proposition. BOOTCAMP will end up with a carefully selection of the best startups who will be accepted in the program and get the 1st round of funding: 25k euro for 6% equity. The Short listed participants of 15-18 companies will then start the Acceleration phase: 2 months of intense mentorship and product-market-fit knowledge infusion.

[March 2018]
Intensive workshops in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca with a smart infusion of top knowledge on business and product development and go-to-market strategies.

[April 2018]
Specific mentoring on your targeted needs with industry mentors and specialists (IPR and other regulations, targeted markets, pitching and specific areas of expertise according to your needs )

[May 2018]
Now you have the chance to show off to the whole startup community your product and progress made during the program. Top professionals of the moment (angels, VC funds, tech press, technology evangelists, co-working spaces leaders) will be there to meet you. Be ready! Be at your best!

This is a great opportunity for you to get a second round up to 75k euro in convertible notes and increase your chances to raise even more from other VC or angel investors.

[June 2018]
Investors BOOST
Exclusive event targeting strategic meetings with investors where you will be prepared to glow and get some more funding at Seed Series level from GapMinder & its partners.

[September 2018]
International Exposure
We will take our most promising startups to participate in competitions and meet investors around the world.
Investment up to €100K
You will cash €25k for 6% equity, and have the chance to get more (up to €75K) in convertible note untill the end of the program.
Intensive Edu Sessions
You will attend the BOOTCAMP - a 2 day intensive meet-up.
Professional Workshops
You'll assist at business scale-up workshops held by our mentors and market professionals.
Individual Mentorship
Your team will be matched with mentors, who'll focus on clarifying each step in the launch journey.
StartUp Demoday
The final cohort event, where you will shine in front of an important group of investors.
Seed Round Funding
If your startup proves its potential, you'll have the opportunity to be invited to a seed round analysis and funding.
Office Space
Stay in the middle of the action, by working in our two locations: Cluj HUB (Cluj) or Tech HUB (Bucharest).
Horizontal Support
Access to discounted legal or accounting services offered by our long run partners.
Constant Networking
Constant access to our network of professionals, experts & investors, through dedicated events or facilitated meetings.
Scalability Services
Through our line of professionals, your startup will receive support and mentorship for scaling up.
Marketing Services
From strategy to implementation, your startup will be trained to have the best exposure on online and offline media channels.
Investment up to €100K
You will cash €25k for 6% equity, and have the chance to get more (up to €75K) in convertible note untill the end of the program.
Digital Transformation